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Shiba Inu Cartel

Huge Potential with a host of upcoming features to be released

About Shiba Inu Cartel (Shibc)

Shiba Inu Cartel (Shibc) is a built by a team of forward thinking individuals who want to create a global community of Shiba Inu Cartel members. We are not just a meme coin,  but a functioning project with big plans. Projects to be developed :
-SHIBIT, a buy now pay later system, similar to zippay and afterpay. But will allow all members to receive discounts when holding SHIBC on all purchases. 
-SHIBBI, a shopify/wix and all major ecommerce platforms payment integration. It will allow for faster transfers and lowest fees in the marketplace. 
-Aim of working continously to improve the project with a community driven open communications system, where all ideas will be shared openly and presented to the development team. This open minded approach will ensure the value of SHIBC will continously soar.
-Monthly lotto and cash prize give aways, drawn to random holders. This give back approach will give extra incentive and ensure you benefit financially from being part of the Shiba Inu Cartel (shibc)

Shiba Inu Cartel will be a market leader in its app development, financial services offering and give back community driven approach. Hold on and enjoy the ride!

The developers of Shiba Inu Cartel (shibc) are dedicated supporters of community development and the greater good of every individual in this world. We are all created equal and should be given an opportunity to grow in life. We will endeavour to ensure you see huge gains, great returns through our incentives, lottos and giveaways as well as access to all our great upcoming projects.

Shiba Inu Cartel (shibc)

Lets Move Forward


Shiba Inu Cartel is fully decentralized.

Its here, Shiba Inu Cartel (shibc) Jump on board early and avoid missing out on the huge early gains. We are about to explode!

We are contactable anytime on twitter and
We are approachable, down to earth and ready to build the biggest community of shibc followers! Join us today!

Why choose us? Shiba Inu Cartel (shibc) is fully decentralized, and built for purpose. Join us and don't miss out on the huge early gains and the long term success we expect.


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So much to offer

Our features

Community Focus

The community will be involved every step of the way.

Flexible Management

The roadmap is a serious one, we aim to be the next big thing in crypto. Where others have failed to step up, the development team at Shibc will take us to the next level!

Fair Launch

Shiba Inu Cartel (shibc) has a give back approach. We want you to benefit! We want you to see huge gains! Together, working hand in hand, we will have global success. Be part of something big!


Phase 1

  • Shiba Inu Cartel pre-sale
  • Initial Liquidity provided

Phase 2

  • Initial marketing plans are in work
  • Contests

Phase 3

  • CoinMarketCap and Coingecko Listing

Phase 4

  • Shiba Inu Cartel swap will be on many platforms

How to Buy

1. Step: Install Metamask or Trust Wallet for Chrome

Go to Metamask (CLICK HERE) and install the Chrome extension. Follow their steps from the guide and finish the setup. Same process for Trust Wallet.

2. Step: Send BNB to Metamask

After installing Metamask or Trust Wallet, you can send BNB to your Metamask address from an exchange such as , Coinspot, Coinbase or Binance.

3. Step: Connect to PancakeSwap

Go to PancakeSwap (simply google it) and click the “Use PancakeSwap” button. When Metamask or Trust Wallet asks for your signature, go ahead and sign it. The process is simply by connecting your trust wallet or metamask wallet to so they are in sync.

4. Step:  Exchange your BNB for Shiba Inu Cartel

You can now exchange your BNB for Shiba Inu Cartel (Shibc) Set your slip rate to 10-12% and buy Shiba Inu Cartel at the event amount.
To add the coin, simply copy and past the contract
This will then prompt you to add Shiba Inu Cartel (Shibc) so you can buy it. Also follow this step to add it to your trust wallet and metamask once purchased.
Now proceed to Click on the Swap Button to complete your transaction. Make sure you set fast processing speed in Metamask or Trust Wallet.
To check the contract details anytime simply visit us here

Our Smart Contracts have been fully audited by

Contribute to our success

Community Development Fund

We are a fully decentralized, community-powered project. As a result we need as many people as possible to get on board and really push this coin to the upper reaches of the universe! The bigger our community the faster we can get our projects completed and continue our major rise in the crypto market.





2% Paid Back to every holder to your wallet. The more holders the more you earn!


8% operation, marketing, product development, promotions, give back fund!




5% Reflection in Shib on every transaction to every holder (per hour)


5% Shib Wallet for Dev to market Shiba Play


2% Buy/Burn of Shiba Play



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